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 January 21, 2018  

IT Center (Heelan Hall Room 140 | 712.279.5401)


The IT Center is implementing minimal base fees to work on student and employee computers due to the increase in numbers over the years.  It is our hope this will allow us to focus our resources in maintaining the labs, classrooms and on-campus hardware/software.

The fees are as follows:

$25 for student personal computers

$75 for employee personal computers

We have also provided online resources for students and employees in order to protect your own systems.  Please see the section under Security and Malwarebytes on the student portal Technology page.  In addition, we are introducing a Frequently Asked Questions section in order to provide you with helpful answers on-demand or after hours.  As always, we are happy to answer questions face to face, so feel free to stop by during our regularly scheduled business hours.

Our goal is to provide excellent IT service.  When it comes to technology, you as the end-user are a means to that end.


Briar Cliff now has campus-wide wireless internet coverage. To connect to our student network, use the following information.

Name: Student
Password: chargers (all lowercase)

Because we now offer wireless to all part of campus, we will no longer support or allow personal wireless routers. Wireless routers can interrupt or interfere with our signal. Therefore, if we detect a wireless router on a port on our network, we will disable that port and notify the student and the hall director of the offense.


We will no longer require students to bring to their computers to the IT Center for anti-virus installation. We do, however, highly recommend that you do your best to protect yourself against viruses and malware. If you do not currently have an anti-virus program installed on your machine, we recommend the following free programs.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Security Essentials is a free anti-virus program provided by Microsoft that is updated frequently and does not use a large amount of resources on your computer. The following link will take you to the download site and provide you a walkthrough on how to install it.



Today’s viruses and malware do not always present themselves in the same way. If you pick up spyware or malware that your anti-virus program does not catch, Malwarebytes generally will.

To install Malwarebytes, click here

For a walkthrough on how to install Malwarebytes, click here

IT Policies and Procedures

Please click on the link below to review the guidelines for computer usage.

IT Policies and Procedures
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