April 23, 2018  

Social Work Program Application


1. Please provide a biographical sketch that includes those events that led to your interest in social work.
2. Tell why you wish to major in social work (if not included above).
3. What areas of social work do you hope to enter?
4. Give examples to show that you are able to work with a variety of people in a variety of settings (volunteer work, jobs, social action).
5. Please list organizations related to social work, social welfare, or social conditions that you have belonged to (if any).
6. Please list your hobbies or other interests.

7. Please list any academic awards or other honors you have received.

8. Do you at this time plan to go to graduate school?
9. Please list other jobs that you have had that have not been related to social work.
10. After carefully reviewing the NASW Code of Ethics, describe the standards that most "fit" with your personal values.
11. Because social workers must adhere to the Code of Ethics even when they are not officially "on the job" it is important that you consider any personal situations or conditions that may create challenges for you as a social worker. For example, if you are in recovery from substance abuse, please discuss how your active recovery will help and/or hinder you as a social worker.

12. Any questions you might have:

a. social work in general

b. BCU program in particular
c. Anything else?

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